“STG”是“Software Technology Group”的缩写,意思是“软件技术组”-英文缩写大全豆丝客分享

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    英语缩略词“STG”经常作为“Software Technology Group”的缩写来使用,中文表示:“软件技术组”。本文将详细介绍英语缩写词STG所代表英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度。此外,还有关于缩略词STG的分类、应用领域及相关应用示例等。

  • 英文缩写词:STG
  • 英文单词:Software Technology Group
  • 缩写词中文简要解释:软件技术组
  • 中文拼音:ruǎn jiàn jì shù zǔ
  • 缩写词流行度:3710
  • 缩写词分类:Computing
  • 缩写词领域:Software

    以上为Software Technology Group英文缩略词STG的中文解释,以及该英文缩写在英语的流行度、分类和应用领域方面的信息。


  1. We have several of the volumes in our software tools technology group library at WPI.
  2. Cluster-level object-oriented software technology is an automatically generated test cases investigating a group of synergistic interaction between the class action, it is a kind of technique which automatically generates test cases required in the process of integration testing.
  3. This requests the software development management to be able to adapt the demand, the technology, the group team and so on the various factors unceasingly changes and rapidly construct to achieve the goal that is enhances the software development efficiency, reduces the development cost.
  4. The research focuses on the English writing written by college students in Software Department of Changchun University of Technology as its subjects. Two groups including 140 students are divided into experimental group and control group.
  5. HSBC Software Development ( Guangdong ) Limited ( HSDC ) in Guangzhou is a provider of information technology solutions and consulting services for the need of HSBC Group.

    上述内容是“Software Technology Group”作为“STG”的缩写,解释为“软件技术组”时的信息,以及英语缩略词STG所代表的英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度和相关分类、应用领域及应用示例等。

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